We’ve created digital content for some of the worlds biggest brand names in order to help tell their story. How can our animation services help you?

We're a full service animation studio, covering all aspects of animation, computer graphics and digital content creation. From VFX for commercials, music videos and film, to 2D & 3D animation and CGI for branding promos and product demos, we can either undertake a broad mix of animation services, or simply one - all depending on your brief and requirements.
We create and deliver engaging content as original and unique as your product, brand or idea.

From idea to reality..

Using our creative animation services, we can design, create, implement, build and deliver unique and engaging visual experiences.

CGI & 3D Animation

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Our Computer Generated Imagery and 3D animation services are powerful tools to entertain, educate and inspire. They can transport you to another world, teach you the inner workings of a complex system, explain theories and universal laws, educate people about medicine and health – and help to visualise architectural and building developments before the first brick is even picked up. More often they are used to advertise products in ways not possible with video production alone. It’s with these skills in our arsenal, that we can bring your ideas to life and make the impossible, possible – no matter what you require…

3D Modelling & Texturing

Creating the 3D meshes that make up a scene – characters, environments and props. Working to both high-poly for video rendering and low-poly for game engines, we create neat and tidy meshes ready to be taken to the next stage for texturing. Whether using photorealistic materials that match the real-world, stylistic cel-shaders that make everything look hand-drawn or a clever mixture of both, we can exert full control over the look of a scene.

Rigging & Animation

Splitting apart the 3d models into seperate component parts, linking a hierarchy, adjusting pivot points and parenting objects together. Setting up an underlying skeleton, skinning and setting up controls so that the 3d model can be controlled, posed and animated. Creating all the different intricate movements and secondary motion that gives an object weight, making for effective, believable animation and motion.

Particle FX, fluid dynamics and rigid-body simulation

No set of animation services would be complete without particle FX. The ability to create complex systems, such as fire, smoke, sparks, dust motes, falling leaves, or the patter of rain are such small elements but are important to bring texture to a scene, breathing life into it and providing an extra layer or realism. Fluid dynamics are required to create particle meshes that react and interact precisely the same way as different fluids do. Whether it’s water, oil, or even liquid metal that has a life of its own, fluids can be designe and manipulated just as any other object. Rigid body dynamics can help recreate the effects of objects interacting, able to be used to shatter buildings, bounce objects around and simulate the effects of impacts and damage.

Lighting, Camera setup and Rendering

Adding the essential items to setup a 3d scene before sending to render – lights, camera, action! From realistic high-dynamic-range imagery (HDRI) image-based lighting solutions to a studio or stylistic approach. We can also capture our own HDRI probes from real-world scenes to match the filmed location, which can be unwrapped around a 3d scene to provide it with real-world lighting. This is how we can achieve amazing photorealism.

Render passes and compositing

After all the animation services are finalised, this is where we combine the different image layers – reflections, shadows, occlusion, dirt and illumination. Creating real or faux depth of field solutions, motion blur to imitate various camera shutter speeds and piecing all elements together to form one coherant whole. The finishing touches in the CGI & 3D Animation pipeline.

Post Production & VFX

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Visual effects and post production covers all of the aspects of integrating computer graphics and animation with filmed footage. Whether it’s adding full CG characters to a live scene, making animals talk, adding virtual pyrotechnics or combining a variety of footage, 3d animation and effects, we’ve got it covered.

Green/Blue screen, keying and rotoscoping

Superimposing and extracting footage elements, so they can be replaced with CG or overlaid onto different backgrounds.


Matching the motion of a camera or object to 3D space, so that the data can be used to position cameras or objects in a 3D program.

Matte painting & shot enhancement

Creating or enhancing backgrounds, whether it’s lush green landscapes or sci-fi cityscapes. Adding and incorporating static CGI elements into footage seamlessly.


Combining 3D and CG elements onto live footage and making it sit perfectly as if it were there in reality. Adding all of the final effects that make up a shot, including atmosphere, weather, particle FX, lens flares motion blur and depth of field.

Grading & colour correction

Adding the final filters to an edit to make shots pop,enhancing the feel of a scene or helping to tie the final edit together.

Motion Graphics & 2D Animation

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Our award-winning motion graphics and 2D animation services provide the tools to communicate ideas extremely effectively. Whether it’s mission briefing introductions for video games, animated infographics for corporate videos, complex scientific medical explanations or cartoon-style animated idents to introduce a brand, kinetic text, maps, statistics or cartoons, we’ve done it all – each time producing animations that ooze quality, have an inbuilt creativity and embody a character as unique as the content and brands they represent. We can bring 2d cartoon characters to life, animate complex drawings forming line by line, create complex photorealistic or stylistic compositions and present them in in depth using pseudo 2.5d. Whatever you need, our motion graphics and 2D animation services cater for ideas that are both very simple, or very complex in nature. The beautiful thing about animation is that anything is possible!

Realistic CG compositions

Combining multiple CG and graphical elements, we can create detailed composites such as satellite overlays, HUDs, data screens, UI interfaces and much more. Anything that can be created in Photoshop or Illustrator can be layered, composited, animated and manipulated as part of a larger scene.

Characters & cartoon style animation

Whether designing our own, or taking on existing assets, we can take 2D characters and inject them with life for use in any video. We can create entire worlds and environments, cel-shaded or with 2d depth in order to tell your story.

Science & medical animation

Taking complex subjects, dissecting and illustrating them with detailed graphics to educate, train and inform. From videos explaining how to treat cancer using the immune system, to method-of-action animations to help illustrate how a certain medication works. Our motion graphics & 2D animation services, combined with 3D animated CGI, can be extremely powerful tools to help convey information in laymans terms.

Animated infographics

Let’s face it, information presented on a spreadsheet or powerpoint isn’t very exciting. We can take data and transform it into visually-appealing and dynamically animated infographics, which fit seamlessly with the video style.

Idents, titles, straps, credits & logos

The essential elements to any production, we like to pride ourselves on thinking outside the box when it comes to the ‘standard fare’ of logo animation, titles and credits. There is always enormous room for creativity and dynamic animation in even the smallest details!

Video Production

In addition to our animation services, we’re able to plan, produce and direct dynamic, effective video. Our expertise covers production from beginning to end, including research, scriptwriting, filming and editing. From corporate videos to live event packages, product launches to web video virals, we can provide high quality, stylish and unique video that matches your requirement and budget.

Corporate video

From brand-driven films to client testimonials or internal training videos, we can design a unique approach to your corporate identity.

Live event packages

Stylish and dynamic event films that capture the moment, helping you to reach out to current and potential clients.

Product launch

We can provide vibrant coverage of new products, showcasing positive customer reactions and helping you to increase your marketing potential.

Web video

From virals to landing page videos that stream seamlessly as part of your website, we can tailor our video production to broadcast your company message to the world.

Streaming media

Events, training videos or live conferences, we can connect you to your target audience anywhere in the world.

Combine with our VFX & animation services

Combined with our full set of animation services and end-to-end creative solutions, your video can be a visual tour de force, ticking multiple boxes at once and providing a platform for you to take your business to the next level.

VR & Game development, prototyping & real-time FX

We have experience designing game concepts and ideas, developing in-game assets such as models, characters and environments, creating visual effects such as particles and optimising. We’ve also designed and developed UI layouts and created pre-render introduction/CGI sequences. Working primarily in UDK and Unity, we’ve also teamed up with studios to work in bespoke game engines, quickly getting up to speed with specific pipelines.