Medical Animation

For over 50 years, thrombosis has been treated with the anticoagulant Warfarin. Working alongside Nature publishing, James designed and produced this educational video incorporating 2D medical animation which chronicles the timeline from the discovery of Warfarin through to the recent approval of new oral anticoagulants – medication which could provide long-sought alternatives to Warfarin.

Medical Animation; Concept Design, Storyboards, 2D Animation & Editing: James Kearsley
Software Used: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Project Information

Concept & Design: James Kearsley
Medical Animation: James Kearsley
Agency: MadCat Media

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Medical Animation, Concept Design, Storyboards, 2D Animation, Illustation, Editing, Compositing, Medicine, Educational, Warfarin, Drug, Nature