Bringing ideas to life..

..using 2D/3D Animation, CGI, VFX and motion graphics.

Welcome to JK Studios

An award-winning digital agency and 3d animation studio, we create high-end 2D & 3D Animation, CGI & VFX, post production and video content for worldwide clients in multiple industries - including Television, Games, Marketing & Advertising.

We’re an award-winning CGI, VFX & 2d / 3d animation studio – a small boutique digital agency with a big heart and a passion for creating engaging, dynamic visuals.

In short, we bring ideas to life. Working with clients around the globe, we’ve helped create TV commercials, music videos, video game content, promos, live event and corporate videos for a huge variety of industries, spanning multiple platforms.

We visualise your imagination, develop ideas, tell stories, build new worlds, give life to inanimate objects, help brands grow and much, much more.

Using a skillset that includes photorealistic CGI, 2D & 3D animation, graphic design, particle FX, fluid dynamics, tracking, compositing and even motion graphics, we produce dynamic visuals and cost-effective results for our clients on each and every project we undertake.

CGI & 3D Animation Studio

2D Animation

VFX & Post Production

Motion Graphics

Video Production

Interactive/Game Development

Previous end clients:

It's not just big names we work with, however. We also help businesses, SMEs, startups and creative ventures to realise their visions in an engaging and cost-effective way. View some of our most recent work, below.


Eurosport | Australian Open 2015 Commercial | Melting VFX


Music video VFX | All We Are – ‘Keep Me Alive’


Stylised news promo ‘The Noise’
2D Animation & Motion Graphics


Product launch promo
Vehicle CGI & 3D Animation


Burn / Lotus F1 – ‘Burn Yard : Sao Paulo’
Live action VFX event promo


CBBC ‘The Revolting World of Stanley Brown’
Robot character design & full TV VFX sequences


Corporate motion graphics | BAE ‘SuccessFactors’ 2D animation


CBeebies Big Barn Farm
Talking Animal VFX


3D Animated TV Commercial
Swale Heating


Pacha Ibiza House Anthems
TV Commercial 3D Animation
New State Music

"This reel by JK Studios demonstrates the kind of refinement that comes after many years experience in the motion graphics and animation profession."

− Computer Arts Magazine

"James is one super smart guy who’s extraordinarily creative. Easy to work with and fantastic to bounce ideas off, I can’t recommend him more. He makes the impossible, possible."

− Carrie Patsalis - Mad Cat Media

"I cannot recommend JK Studios enough! They have been a pleasure to work with, fast, reliable and produce exceptional content. Very pleased!"

− Matt Ward - Dynamic Post Production

"I had a fantastic time dealing with James. Punctual, hugely creative and talented. A dream!"

− Charlie Gavins - Neon Seed

"As an editor and filmmaker I’ve been working indirectly with James’ work the past year or so and I’ve always been impressed with his level of creativity and exceptional animation skills with regard to both compositing and motion graphics."

− Boris Jansch - Baci Films

"James is highly creative and his attention to detail is second to none. He is a friendly and amicable guy and is really easy to get on with. His 3D skills are fabulous."

− Simon Vacher - Freelance Cameraman

"James was not only an absolute pleasure to deal with but he worked extremely fast and delivered our video exactly to our brief. We are delighted with the Sting that he produced, and can't recommend him highly enough."

− Ashley Meneely, Managing Director, The Mother Magazine.

"In a word: terrific. James has talent, creativity and determination in spades. The animations he has created for my clients are innovative, imaginative and cost-effective. He hasn't missed a deadline either. Strongly recommended."

− Spencer Cox-Freeman, Pole To Pole Communications

What we can do for you:

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Concept, planning & direction

Bringing ideas to life – from storyboards and concept designs to scriptwriting to art direction, we can take your project from an initial idea and develop it into something real and tangible, bringing it to life in the most effective way for your brand, business or platform. Becoming an integral part of your project at the planning stage, or seamlessly integrating ourself midway-through, we creatively adapt to suit your needs and ensure your project brief is met in the most effective way.

CGI & 3D Animation

Using industry standard-software, we bring visions to life with high-end CGI & 3D Animation. We cover design, modelling low poly & high poly, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting & multi-pass rendering. A complete end-to-end CG solution. .

VFX & Post Production

Combining the best of all our services into one coherent whole to bringing visions to life. Compositing 3D & 2D CGI & animation, matte painting, green screen, keying, rotoscoping, editing, adding particle effects, colour correcting and more. Whether it’s making animals talk or changing the weather, creating whole new worlds or enhancing the existing. Making the impossible, possible – that’s the power of VFX.


2D Animation & Motion Graphics

2D Animated characters and scenes brought to life. Infographics in motion to explain a concept. Titles, idents, logos & stings. Kinetic text and graphic design in motion. 2D animation and motion graphics can quickly, seamlessly and effectively tell a story, explain medicine or give your brand amazing character. If 3D animation and CGI can draw you into a world, 2D Animation and motion graphics can effectively describe one.

Video Production

From corporate videos to live events, product launches to short web virals, training videos or vox-pops. We can provide creative and dynamic productions as standalone video, or integrated with our 2D, 3D and VFX services to create effective, unique and stylish solutions.

Finishing & delivery

Finalising and fixing shots, grading, credits, straps, encoding and delivery. The job is only complete when your production is visible to the world, so we can help with that too. Putting the finishing touches to a production, encoding at the best settings for delivery via your website, Youtube or Vimeo, or DVD and BluRay – these are the final elements we can assist you with before signing off.

Go on, we’d love to be your 2D or 3D animation studio of choice!

..have some questions?

2d and 3d animation are no longer mere devices used just for entertainment. CGI is now becoming the defacto tool to create or enhance productions in all sectors, including science, medicine, education and of course – advertising. It can show worlds which the human eye cannot see, easily illustrate concepts which are hard for our minds-eye to comprehend, or transport the viewer to a world where anything is possible.

Hiring the right 2d / 3d animation studio can allow you to communicate complex ideas, stories or concepts. More effective communication means a greater ability to influence, educate, or motivate an audience – an invaluable commodity in modern media, so we’d love to show you how good we are and what can be done.

A fair question! Picking the right 2D or 3D animation studio for your project can be difficult as you can be spoilt for choice with a huge range of studios with different rate cards. In London alone there are hundreds of agencies and studios ready to help you with your project. So what makes us different and why should you entrust us with your project? Firstly, for a 2d & 3d animation studio, we’re small and streamlined. We have a select few core staff who oversee, design and create all of our work, which gives us many advantages over other 2d & 3d animation studios; it enables us to keep overheads low, a difference which reflects in our service costs compared to many other 3d animation studios with large numbers of artists.

In addition to this, we have some of the best creative freelancers in the country on our books, which enables us to assemble the perfect team for the brief, without any over-inflated project costs. Many London 3d animation studios charge £3000 per day or more for 2D/3D and visual effects from their in-house team, which is severely out of reach for many businesses and brands. Our methodology is to match our services to your budget and brief. We mix and combine 2d, 3d animation, video and visual effects as your brief requires – presenting all the options available to you so you can choose the best solution to meet your needs.

Why else should you work with a smaller, boutique 3d animation studio? – It also removes any red-tape associated with the creative process. When you discuss your ideas or concerns with us, you are talking to the project managers and artists who are creating your project, not just a director, or only the producer; we’re hands-on and know exactly what you mean when you say ‘We need the text at 2:34 to go like this…’.

Not every business can afford to hire any old 2d or 3d animation studio for their brief – the beauty of what we do is that production methods are scalable to provide a solution to all of our clients. We cater for the very large – and also the very small – with equal importance. But regardless of your budget, our philosophy remains the same – to bring your ideas to life in the most, creative and effective way for you. We understand that every brief is different and has its own personality – we match that!

This is a difficult answer for any 2D or 3D animation studio to answer as every project is different. Do you want a specific end result within a certain timeframe? A certain quality level to be achieved regardless of deadline? Do you have a fixed budget? There is no hard and fast rule for how much a specific service costs – the cost comes from the the difficulty of the production equating in the amount of time spent. Where possible, we like to match our services to the budget available in order to provide the best end result.

You might think hiring a 2D or 3D animation studio isn’t possible as it will be out of your price range, but it isn’t. Tell us your budget and we can tell you what’s possible – there are ways to streamline productions in order to bring about a very positive end result – maybe you don’t need all those bells and whistles to get your message across. If however, you have the budget and want us to produce more bells and whistles than ever seen before – we’ll happily oblige with that too!

Productions can typically take anything from a few days to a couple of months – longer if the production is for a television series, or a sequence of videos or animations that are released over time. When providing a 2D or 3D animation studio with your deadline, longer will always be better. The more time we have to plan, develop and create your ideas, generally the better your production will be.

If urgency is the name of the game, we’ll happily call in all the shots to turnaround a production as soon as physically possible. The nature of the industry means that most 3d animation studios are working on long running projects at the same time as turning around a very urgent production in a few days for broadcast. We’ve done both, so get in touch to tell us your brief – and we’ll give you an accurate breakdown of exactly how long it will take.

There’s only one way to find out what we can do for you – and that’s to drop us a line. We’d love to be your 3d animation studio of choice, so give James a call on 07800 545999 or drop him an email at [email protected] and he’ll be very happy to discuss your project requirements!