Stylized 3D Animation

James was asked to create a set of promotional videos using stylized 3D animation to look like 2D. The videos were designed to showcase the different application functionality for Garmin satnavs and to be played instore on the units themselves. After developing a series of concept tests, the final design was settled – 3D Animation using a 2D cel shaded style. Each animation Follows the journey of a car into the world of a Garmin satnav, it comes across numerous obstacles and hurdles, but manages to find creative and unique ways around the problems presented, following it’s trusty pink arrow.

Stylized 3D Animation; 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Post Production, Visual Effects & Compositing: James Kearsley
Software Used: 3DS Max, After Effects, Photoshop.

Project Information

Concept & Direction: James Kearsley
Stylized 3D Animation: James Kearsley
Agency: Drum Studios

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Stylized 3D Animation, VFX & Post Production, CGI, 2D Cel shaded, 3DS Max Ink n Paint, Garmin, Satnav, Promos, Animated