Motion Graphics Production

With 2 billion English speakers in the world, English language skills are critical to your company’s international success. EF has been revolutionizing language learning for the past several years. Their advanced learning method, EF Efekta, combines powerful technology with the very best in teaching.

Requiring a showcase for this powerful teaching technology, James designed and created concepts, storyboards and animation for a mixed live-action/2D motion graphics production in a clean, simple style.

The video revolves around a network of ‘nodes’ – each with their own mobile device, graphical element, or video showcase. These nodes represent the technology and linked network behind Efektas work, in both online learning and the classroom, together with mobile accessibility.

2D elements were layered within After Effects at different distances in 3D space in order to give a feeling of depth, with the nodes serving as a transition device between live action video sections.

Motion Graphics Production; Concept Design, 2D Animation : James Kearsley
Software Used: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Project Information

Concept Design & Motion Graphics: James Kearsley
Agency: Drum Studios

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Concept Design, Storyboards, Motion Graphics Production, 2D Animation