2D flipbook animation

Urbanara required a friendly and bubbly animated promo to help familiarise people with their company brand and the ethos behind their products.

The very first presented style of a faux-flipbook style of simplistic but characterful faux 2d flipbook animation went down a storm and hit the nail on the head. James created designs and storyboards for an idea which would involve simple stick men, going about their daily life and showing situations that brought the VO to life, with cheeky and friendly references. The key to the animation was neat, seamless transitions from scene to scene – with one element from one scene linking seamlessly to another element of the next scene. This ‘no cuts’ approach flows through the video, grabbing your attention as if a drawing has come to life.

2d flipbook animation: James Kearsley
Software Used: After Effects, Photoshop. Illustrator.

Project Information

Design & Direction: James Kearsley
Animation: James Kearsley
Agency: MadCat Media

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2D flipbook animation, Motion Graphics, Stick Men, Hand Drawn, Urbanara

Storyboards & Stills: