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JK Studios is the creative portfolio of James Kearsley and a boutique CGI, animation and visual effects studio based in London. We cater for clients in a variety of industries, including marketing and advertising, television, music videos, commercials and games. Whether your project is large or small, we thrive on bringing ideas to life.

Who, what, why, where, when?

Founded by James as a one-man studio in 2004, JK Studios formed as a natural evolution following on from James’ freelance career as a 2D & 3D digital artist, animator and designer – working on projects spanning multiple industries ranging from telecommunications, engineering, web design and CAD. From humble beginnings creating websites for small businesses, JK Studios has gone on to implement hundreds of VFX shots for TV shows, create video game cinematics and intros, implement in-game FX and animation for numerous AAA titles, helped businesses communicate their ideas – and much, much more. In turn, JK Studios has provided CGI and animation services for some of the most recognisable brands and companies in the world – together with some of the lesser known.

Don’t forget the little guy..

This is part of what makes us successful – it’s not just about working for the big guns. We’ve helped many small businesses find their voice by producing corporate videos and digital marketing campaigns – and creating the visuals for company conferences. From explainer videos to VFX-laden short films for events and product launches, proofs of concept to creative graphics for print and installations, we thrive on helping to bring others ideas to life using bags of creativity – customised and fine tuned to fit the brief. Whatever the requirement, the creative processes and the tools and skills used are the same – even if the finished product can look radically different and serve a bespoke purpose. As a studio it’s important to not be restricted to simply one skill or style, so that you have a full palette of tools to enable as many creative visions in your arsenal to take forward and utilise with projects, in order that they be unrestricted in their scope.

A JK of all trades.

Speaking of styles, we work very closely with our clients to bring about the best results from their own creative endeavours, whether it’s using 2D Animation, Photorealistic CGI and 3D animation, composited visual effects on live action, motion graphics, video production – or a combination of all of the above. Each and every time, we use the perfect combination to bring about the best end result. And we do it to the best quality, on time and within budget. Not convinced? Have a look at some of our testimonials below.

"This reel by JK Studios demonstrates the kind of refinement that comes after many years experience in the motion graphics and animation profession."

− Computer Arts Magazine

"James is one super smart guy who’s extraordinarily creative. Easy to work with and fantastic to bounce ideas off, I can’t recommend him more. He makes the impossible, possible."

− Carrie Patsalis - Mad Cat Media

"I cannot recommend JK Studios enough! They have been a pleasure to work with, fast, reliable and produce exceptional content. Very pleased!"

− Matt Ward - Dynamic Post Production

"I had a fantastic time dealing with James. Punctual, hugely creative and talented. A dream!"

− Charlie Gavins - Neon Seed

"As an editor and filmmaker I’ve been working indirectly with James’ work the past year or so and I’ve always been impressed with his level of creativity and exceptional animation skills with regard to both compositing and motion graphics."

− Boris Jansch - Baci Films

"James is highly creative and his attention to detail is second to none. He is a friendly and amicable guy and is really easy to get on with. His 3D skills are fabulous."

− Simon Vacher - Freelance Cameraman

"James was not only an absolute pleasure to deal with but he worked extremely fast and delivered our video exactly to our brief. We are delighted with the Sting that he produced, and can't recommend him highly enough."

− Ashley Meneely, Managing Director, The Mother Magazine.

"In a word: terrific. James has talent, creativity and determination in spades. The animations he has created for my clients are innovative, imaginative and cost-effective. He hasn't missed a deadline either. Strongly recommended."

− Spencer Cox-Freeman, Pole To Pole Communications
James Kearsley

James Kearsley

MD & Creative Director / 2D/3D Animator, CGI & VFX Artist

After leaving college having studied Art & Design, in 2000 James started working in CAD and design for the architectural, mechanical and telecomms sectors. At the same time, he decided to start learning web design and 3D animation, completing early freelance web design projects for local businesses and DJs, kickstarting his creative portfolio. In 2006 with a steadily growing collection of work, James progressed to his first professional project as a VFX Supervisor for a short film - creating visual effects shots which were nominated 2 years later for a CG award at the inaugural Escape awards. The next 5 years saw James freelance as a 3D & VFX artist at studios around London - honing his abilities on larger and more demanding projects encompassing music videos, television and video games - taking the time to increase his skills in supporting software such as PFTrack for tracking and Realflow for Fluid Dynamics simulation. Projects eventually expanded into game development; creating particle FX and animation for AAA video games, such as Gears of War: Judgement and Sonic All Stars Racing: Transformed. In 2010 James incorporated JK Studios Ltd and the company was born. Now, James now assumes the role of manager, producer, creative director, concept artist, 2D & 3D modeller & animator, VFX artist, compositor and motion graphics artist - and loves every minute of it!

When not running the studio, James is also a traditional artist, an avid guitarist of 20+ years, enjoys studying Astronomy/Cosmology, is a huge F1 fan and an avid gamer (FPS, RPG's & Sim-racing) and is currently learning to write code and develop with Unity3D in order to start creating interactive game experiences - specifically for VR using the Oculus Rift.


Fiona Coveney

Fiona Coveney

Production Assistant & Admin

Fiona studied Digital Animation and Multimedia at South East Essex College, eventually going on to study a Ba (Hons) in Digital Film & Screen Arts in 2007 at UCA, Farnham. After graduating, she joined The Mill as a runner whilst continuing to train and hone her skills in animation and motion graphics.

Working as a production assistant and junior motion graphics artist, Fiona helps to keep projects organised and ontrack, whilst also lending another capable pair of hands to our clients projects. Fiona also helps to take care of our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, so stop by and say hello!

In 2013, Fiona completed a 3D animated short film, Flutter, which was shortlisted for the animation festival Animated Exeter and Shorts That Are Not Pants in Toronto. Besides creative graphics and animation, Fiona enjoys video games, Formula 1 and travelling!


Eurosport | Australian Open 2015 Commercial | Melting VFX


Music video VFX | All We Are – ‘Keep Me Alive’


Stylised news promo ‘The Noise’
2D Animation & Motion Graphics


Product launch promo
Vehicle CGI & 3D Animation


Burn / Lotus F1 – ‘Burn Yard : Sao Paulo’
Live action VFX event promo


CBBC ‘The Revolting World of Stanley Brown’
Robot character design & full TV VFX sequences


Corporate motion graphics | BAE ‘SuccessFactors’ 2D animation


CBeebies Big Barn Farm
Talking Animal VFX


3D Animated TV Commercial
Swale Heating


Pacha Ibiza House Anthems
TV Commercial 3D Animation
New State Music


Gears Of War: Judgment
Concept, UI Design, In-game VFX & particle FX


Codemasters Operation Flashpoint: Red River
Video game 2d animated motion graphics introductions


Sega Australia / Surface
London 2012 Olympics
Video Game UI design concepts

Fluid-dynamics- liquid-metal-CGI_002

Sony Turbo
TV channel ident
Fluid Dynamics & liquid metal CGI


Iglu & Hartley: ‘Violent & Young’ Music Video
3D Cel Shaded Animation


Sunraysia Organic Drink
Talking Animal CGI


‘Leonardo’ rebrand
Robot Character CGI Animation


Urbanara animated brand promo
2D flipbook animation


Blackout ‘L.o.v.e’
Music Video CGI


Satnav Videos
Stylized 3D Animation


Sega, Sumo Digital
Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed
Games FX Artist & Animator


New imprint launch
Video production motion graphics


Efekta / Drum
Language training video promo
Motion Graphics Production


TSCC TV commercial
CGI Fluid Dynamics


Film Fyn
Short Film VFX & Robotic 3D Animation


Cancer Immunotherapy
2d / 3d medical animation & CGI


‘Give A Garmin’ Christmas promo
Christmas 3D Animation


Holse Productions
The Initiation Of Kim Sun
Robotic Visual Effects & CGI


The Red Thread Partnership
Company Promo
2D Animated Commercial


Subfocus music video
3D Animation


Natural Motion
My Horse
UI & Concept design


Leukaemia educational video
2D Medical Animation


Warfarin educational video
Medical Animation


Conference event videos
Animated Event Video